Social Healing Space

“If we want a beloved community, we must stand for justice, have recognition for difference without attaching difference to privilege.”


Current Art Projects


My Name Story is a portrait-video project that examines the AAPI experience through the lens of AAPI names at the intersections of race, gender and class. 

Judy Lee (she/her)

Portrait Artist & Storyteller

Hi, I'm Judy and this is my why.

I’ve been a Transformative Portrait Photographer at Judy Lee Photography for over 5 years and had been working with clients to use their portraits for self-reflection, growth and healing. This individual centered work mirrored my own personal journey. Through this work, I was in the wellness and mental health space but grew increasingly discontent with its hyper individualistic approach that catered to a privileged few while ignoring the experiences and needs of the many, especially BIPOC communities. On the flip side, I grew up in a Korean immigrant household and a culture that was exclusively collectivist at the expense of the individual.

Experiencing both individualistic and collectivist cultures has given me an understanding of the importance of the individual while recognizing the need to be grounded in community, while being aware of the pitfalls of each approach. Through art projects, gatherings and a mission to decolonize wellness by pushing back against harmful narratives that exclude social justice and people of color, the intention of Social Healing Space is to create positive social impact through a community centered approach.

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Hello! Social Healing Space is based out of Seattle, WA. Please complete the form below or you can email Judy directly at to get in touch.